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Enjoy our range of six tins at a special discount.

Braised South Coast Cuttlefish 

Net weight: 125g Drained weight: 80g 

All our cuttlefish is pot caught in season during April and May when they have fully grown. We have accompanied the cuttlefish with a lightly spiced sauce. This tin is designed to be versatile. 

Smoked Rainbow Trout in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Net Weight: 125g Drained Weight: 85g 

Our rainbow trout is smoked over oak by Brown and Forrest Smokery in Somerset. They used traditional methods with a secret family recipe. 

Mussels with Chilli and Garlic in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Net weight: 130g Drained weight: 80g

These beautiful mussels are the last of the season so grab them while you can, we only have a very small batch. We have marinated these mussels in chilli and garlic infused extra virgin arbequina olive oil. A small birds eye chilli is included in every tin to create a wonderful heat.

Queenies in Tomato Sauce 

Net weight: 125g Drained Weight: 60g

Queenies are small, sweet scallops, grown as a bi-product of the Fal Estuary oyster beds and are now a delicacy in their own right. Our queenies were gathered using sail and oar power. We've canned them in a simple tomato sauce. 

Mussels with Somerset Cider Marinade

Net Weight 150g. Drained Weight: 90g.

Mussels with cider is a classic marriage of flavours. We have used a traditional apple cider from Burrow Hill in Somerset to make the marinade. It also has a splash of their beautiful apple cider vinegar and a quality arbequina olive oil. 

Salt Pollock with Garlic and Bay in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Net Weight 150g. Drained Weight: 90g. 

Our pollock is filleted, deboned and preserved in 100% unrefined natural salt. A few labour intensive steps and weeks later we can it in our beautifully fruity arbequina extra virgin olive oil which is infused with bay leaves and fresh garlic.

All of our tins are hand made in small batches & lovingly packed in Hackney, London.

Head to the individual tin pages where we offer some of our tips on ways to enjoy each tin.