We are committed to giving back 1% of our profits to projects that support sustainable fisheries & regenerative farmers.


Hand crafted, small batch and sustainable production. Transparently made.


 We are Charlotte and Angus and in March 2020 the Covid Pandemic hit us for the first time and the hospitality industry closed down. We have two little girls who at the time were both under two years old. Due to restrictions, food shopping was difficult but we had our own fortnightly ritual. It involved buying a lot of store cupboard goods that we could make family meals from, notably tinned fish. However, none of these were canned in England or used British fish.

This sparked the beginning of our canned food journey and Sea Sisters was born. We chose the brand name because our two girls demonstrated the immeasurable importance of sisterhood.

Together we have passionately learned a craft that has not been seen here in England. 

 Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We are careful to stay clear of plastics in our production process and are constantly rethinking ways in which we can transport our fish from its boat to our cannery without the use of materials that will impact the planet.

We are excited about the future of our product and have dreams and aspirations of offering our own recycling opportunities. 

East London Canning Co have committed to saving 1% of all our profits so that they can go back into the communities that care as much about the marine life and farming here in the UK as we do. We believe a regenerative and sustainable future must be invested in and so we are working with some excellent people to make this dream a reality. More on this to come!